JFKOのご案内/ Introduction to the Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization


日本格闘競技連盟(福田富昭会長)に加盟する空手団体(JKJOフルコンタクト委員会、全世界空手道連盟新極真会)が「空手のオリンピック種目化」を目指して設立準備をしている「全日本フルコンタクト空手道連盟(Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization)」の会員募集についてご案内させて頂きます。

本連盟は空手、特にフルコンタクト空手のオリンピック参加を目標として発起するものです。空手母国である日本の諸団体の皆さまの賛同を得て全日本フルコンタクト空手道連盟(国内法人)を組織していき、段階的に「全世界フルコンタクト空手道連盟(World Fullcontact Karate Organization)」(国際法人)を編成することを構想しています。この「まとまりの形」をもって、「フルコンタクト空手」という競技分野の国際スポーツ界における認知を今まで以上に高め、そして広めていこうと考えています。 






The Japan Fullcontact Karate Organization (JFKO) was established to realize the “Inclusion of Karate in the Olympic Games”. The Japan Karate Judge Organization Fullcontact Committee (JKJO) and Shinkyokushinkai are members of the Japan Martial Arts Games Association (JMAGA), which has Tomiaki Fukuda as its President, who is also the Vice President of the Japanese Olympic Committee. JFKO, as a new organization, welcomes new members.

Our goal is to make the ‘Inclusion of Karate’, in particular, Fullcontact Karate, a reality. Karate groups and organizations in Japan, the mother country of Karate, have united and established the JFKO with this common understanding. We plan to establish the World Fullcontact Karate Organization in stages.
As a unified organization, we would like to increase the recognition of Fullcontact Karate as an athletic competition in the international sports field, and further spread it across the world.

Karate rules are divided into World Karate Federation (WKF) rules and Fullcontact rules. JFKO members mainly consist of groups that follow Fullcontact rules. In order to make our goal a reality, issues concerning the safety of the competitors need to be strongly considered in the Fullcontact Karate rules that will be established for this objective. Cooperation and active meetings with various groups and organizations are essential to make our goal a reality.

Kenji Midori (Shinkyokushinkai President) and Masahiko Watanabe (JKJO) are incorporators of the JFKO. They organized the preparation meetings with those from various Fullcontact Karate groups and organizations on a regular basis. We would like to welcome new regular and associate members beyond groups and organizations, who understand and agree with our purpose of establishment. With them, we plan to establish a general incorporated association (in the future, a public interest incorporated association) in Japan. Takeo Kawamura, a Member of the House of Representatives, will be its President. Those who applied for the first membership invitation (deadline: December 2012) are the current core members of the JFKO, and we will continue to welcome new regular and associate members in 2013 and beyond.
In February 2013, we plan to make the important step of holding our first General Assembly with our primary regular members, including an election of board members.
We would like to introduce our organization to the Fullcontact Karate world. Again, the understanding and cooperation beyond groups and organization is essential for the youth practitioners, and in order to further promote the international development of Karatedo, a great Japanese martial art culture.
If you have further questions, please contact below.

Takano: 81-3-3268-5671

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